Plumbing Services

USA PLUMBING is a full-service company offering a full-range of repairs and installations for homeowners and businesses in and around unites states. Our plumbers have extensive experience working with all types of existing plumbing systems and gut-rehab projects as well as new installations, so we are ready to offer you the best solutions for your needs. As we employ a diverse team of plumbing and sewer specialists, we can offer expert service inside and out, inclusive of installation of new sewer lines and sewer repairs.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Diagnostics and to Clean your Pipes & Sewers

Our specialty fiber-optic camera is used to identify the issues in your pipes and sewers. We then use our hydro-jetter tool to clean pipes that are clogged with grease, sludge and sand, removing the blockages and improving their efficiency. This technology works especially well for restaurants, commercial buildings and multi-unit residential buildings. Before and after pictures are made available to the client to clearly demonstrate conclusion of the issue and provide you with peace of mind.


USA Plumbing performs visual inspections of your plumbing and sewer systems for new home buyers in the Chicago area. Our expert plumbers will inspect all aspects of the sewer and plumbing systems including: telescoping procedure for any line defects, emergency shut-off valves, water heaters, water pressure regulators, washing machine hoses and drains as well as all water fixtures. An inspection can not only save on repair costs by identifying potential issues but we can offer money-saving advice. Don’t buy a new home before having a complete and thorough plumbing inspection!

Flood Controls: Installed, Service and Repaired

Avoid flooding with the installation of a flood control system. There are different types of systems available for residential installation to prevent sewage from backing up into homes when main line city sewers are overloaded which usually occurs in times of heavy rains. We can advise you on the best flood control system to meet your home’s specific needs or repair your existing system to help you avoid the damage and loss that occurs with flooding. We also install and service battery back-up systems which are designed to protect your home during a power outage or when your primary pump fails. Never worry again about your basement flooding during a power outage.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialists

We are experts in helping home-owners change their homes to fit their families’ needs as well increase their home’s value. We work closely with each client during the remodeling project, bringing our extensive experience and expertise to help you manage your budget effectively and attain the result you want. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Custom Fixture Installation

Whether you’re looking to install specialty fixtures such as a Whirlpool Tub, Steam Bath, convert a tub-to-shower or have special requirements for a custom service such as handicap fixtures, our expert plumbers are trained to properly install and service these items for you. Looking for eco-friendly plumbing solutions? Visit our “Going Green” page to learn more. Remember that we offer free estimates and consultations to help make your project a realit

High-Rise Construction Service Work

Our team also specializes in the unique challenges associated with high-rise construction service work. As high-rise plumbing systems are very complex, it’s crucial that water pressure, drainage, ventilation and proper materials are properly understood and addressed. Our plumbers have extensive experience in the installation, service and maintenance of these complicated systems as we service many of the high-rise buildings in United States.

Need a Referral? We Know The Best People

USA Plumbing has an extensive network of only the highest caliber contractors around Chicago that can assist you out with other tasks such as electrical work, painting or carpentry. If you need any referrals, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide you with contact information for your project.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

    We do it all! From fixing your clogged sink to perform major sewer services to increase your water capacity from the city, there is no plumbing or sewer challenge we haven’t handled. Call us for any and all plumbing and sewer services.
  • Standard and Tankless Water Heaters
  • Water and Sewer Line Replacements
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Faucets and Toilets
  • Leak Detection
  • Backflow Testing Service & Repair
  • Lift Station Service & Repair
  • Sewer Pump & Repairs
  • Standridge Plumbing Company offers a complete array of commercial plumbing services. We offer plumbing repair, replacement and installation of all plumbing utilities. Some of our services include



    • Backflow prevention devices
    • Water main repairs
    • Sewer line repairs
    • Clogged drains, water lines and sewer lines
    • Leaks
    • Odor detection and correction
    • Auto sensored faucets and other fixtures
    • Water fountains
    • Backflow Testing Service & Repair
    • Lift Station Service & Repair
    • Sewer Pump & Repairs

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