Katy Burst Pipe & Water Leak Repair

Fast and effective burst pipe repair in Katy.

A burst pipe is an urgent issue that requires immediate professional help, or else you will experience significant water damage in your home. Mercy Plumbing offers fast and effective burst pipe repair that you can always count on.

When Katy, TX homeowners need expert plumbing leak repair, they know who to call. We are available 24/7 for emergency water leak repair. We also offer exceptional service benefits and guaranteed results. The next time you have a burst pipe in your home, don’t hesitate, call us right away for prompt solutions.

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What Causes Burst Pipes?

In Texas, we are lucky to not have cold enough temperatures where freezing and bursting pipes become an issue. However, there are a few other factors that could lead to an emergency burst pipe repair in your home:

Clogged Drains and Toilets: A clogged toilet or drain results in an immense amount of pressure building up behind the clog. Eventually, the pressure becomes so much that the pipe can no longer handle it. A rupture will result to relieve the pressure.

Corroded Pipes: Using too many chemical drain cleaning products in the home is another way to cause unexpected burst pipes. Most drain cleaning products contain harsh chemicals such as lye, which causes the pipes to wear out and corrode. These corroded weak spots will eventually burst, resulting in an emergency water leak in your home.

Best Practice Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes

Although burst pipes and water leaks are often unexpected, there are many things a homeowner can do to prevent them. Some of the most effective ways to stop burst pipes from happening include:

  • Investing in annual drain cleaning services by a professional.
  • Making sure all clogs are removed quickly and efficiently.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaning products.
  • Use foam insulation on the pipes to protect them from various exterior problems.
  • Never use the pipes for anything they were not intended for. For example, never hang coats or clothing on the pipes.

Burst pipes are often completely preventable. However, if you are experiencing a burst pipe or plumbing leak in your home, shut off the main water valve and call Mercy Plumbing right away for a fast, 24-hour water leak repair.

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